I would like to take this moment to thank the Wheel of Time fandom


For being one of the few fandoms that I haven’t witnessed fighting, or putting other people down for liking certain aspects of the story, ships, etc. honestly an feeling so bummed out about being involved in the Teen Wolf and Vampire Diaries fandoms ( and Doctor Who and…

;) Wait till you get involved with WoT dream casts for movies/tv shows ~ that’s when you’ll see those heated discussions that veer towards fighting. but no really, it’s cos we have an amyrlin and everything :) 


tonight is not a good night

i honestly cannot help but feel like there is no point

there is no promise of happiness

there is no promise of success

everything we are supposed to work towards seems like a lie

i sit around with people and i see their lives

 and its fleeting and dull and boring

and i dont see why i need to work to be where they are

or to have what they have

they are all happy it seems

but i am not

and i don’t know if i have ever been

and i dont know if i will ever be

and tonight is not a good night

cos i really just want to not wake up tomorrow.